rent out my camper van

We can help you make more than $22,000 a year.

On average, camper van owners made $13,000 - $17,000 on Boulder Campervans platform last year, with many making over $22,000!

Your camper van deserves a life on the road making you money.

There might be a good possibility that your camper van isn't being used 365 days a year and possibly not your primary vehicle. Let us turn that unused time with your camper van into an easy monthly income for you by listing with Boulder Campervans!


We are like the Airbnb, but for camper vans, and Boulder Campervans will bring the most traffic and customers (more money) for camper van owners than any other rental platform.


On our platform, it's free to list your camper van and we take care of every detail. Currently operating in COLORADO but soon to come CALIFORNIA, UTAH AND ARIZONA.



We take care of everything from A-Z so when it comes time to use your camper van for personal use, it's perfectly detailed and ready for you to start your adventure.

See our Owner Policies for all the details.

step 1

Fill Out The Camper van Listing Form

Let's Dive in! To get your camper van listed fill in our step 1 inquiry form and we’ll start putting your awesome profile together. We're excited to meet you and your camper van!

Why us?

triple listings

When you list your camper van on Boulder Campervans you get a free listing on RvShare & Outdoorsy - the biggest RV sharing marketplace's. It adds up in your favor. When you have tripled your listings you maximize your rentals.


You will never miss out on bookings with Boulder Campervans. We have great reviews and it’s because of our fast and helpful responses that people decided to go with Boulder Campervans. - 


To keep your mind at ease, we provide renters with our 24hr roadside assistance policy so if help is needed, it's just a phone call away.

Great brand alignment

Your Camper van is sweet! Let's not let it get overlooked in a long list of big RV's on the larger sites. Boulder Campervans brand represents premium quality campervans with a touch of ruggedness that we are all about.

Advertising & Marketing 

. Your camper van will be among a select few elite campervans that we are representing, and we will market/advertise your camper van through local channels/connections, Facebook, Instagram, and other various Social media platforms. We are very skilled in this department and have helped other locals rent their camper vans more than any other platform. 

Insurance coverage

Our comprehensive policy is for $1 million in liability to the owner and the renter, and damage and collision insurance up to $125,000. The owner and there camper van are covered every time it is booked

Trust us, we know what you are saying to yourself, "I don't know, can I really rent out my campervan?" We offer free advice to help handle separation anxiety. We're camper van owners too; we understand.

power in numbers

Go in alone on the larger RV sharing sites and possibly find yourself with 15 rentals at the end of the year. At Boulder Campervans we have access to a huge customer base of thousands.

Awesome renters

Boulder campervans will pull all motor vehicle records on all renters to be certain there driving record passes. We will always work hard to put great amazing renters in your camper van. 

Most of the time you will get a larger share of money on Boulder Campervans because we share 25% of the add-on revenue with you for things like Tepui rooftop tents, Camping Chairs, Park passes, Crash pads and many more!

 Pro photos & VIDEO  

We have all the add-ons to add those special touches to your camper van, then schedule a photo/video session so your camper van is presented in the highest quality. Will can have our partners and influencers post about you and will be taking photos with your camper van, and then telling all their friends about it

Concierge service 

All of our consigned camper van rentals qualify for our concierge service which includes pick up and drop off of your campervan before and after every rental, we clean all linens, detail the camper van inside and out, empty all gray and black tanks, stock amenities. All of this so you will be ready to start your adventure with everything ready to go.