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Meet The BCV Team


Hey there, 

I'm Brian, the founder and owner of Boulder Campervans. I spent the majority of my career in the automotive design industry and was fortunate to enough to be able to have creative freedom in every position that I held. In 2016 I began the inception of BCV, combining my vision along with years of experience I was able to create the highest quality custom campervan on the market today. As a team we work cohesively and share a creative space to ensure a positive and unique customer experience and superior builds.

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About us

We are pretty obsessed with all things camper vans and their ability to get us out in nature, with all the comforts of home. We started Boulder Campervans to bring a community around the love for adventure and camper vans, while also offering premium off-grid campervan rentals, campervan sales and custom builds.