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Meet the Team



I'm Brian, the founder and owner of Boulder Campervans. I spent the majority of my career in the automotive design industry and was fortunate to enough to be able to have creative freedom in every position that I held. In 2016 I began the inception of BCV, combining my vision along with years of experience I was able to create the highest quality custom campervan on the market today. As a team we work cohesively and share a creative space to ensure a positive and unique customer experience and superior builds.



Hi, my name is Mitch. I am the Service/Exterior Modifications Manager at Boulder Campervans. I am happily married to Amanda and have a beautiful daughter. I have 18 years of off-road experience and love modifying 4-wheel drives not only to suit my on and off road needs, but also to give my rigs their own personality and style. I have always had a passion for nature, exploration, and camping, and my rig is what lets me live that passion to the fullest. When I am not exploring the unknown, I love to rollerblade, climb, mountain bike, snowboard, cook and be a dad. Our team loves what they do and can’t wait to work with you to bring your vision to life and build the van of your dreams!



My name is Rhys. I am an experienced woodworker and have been creating custom works for 5 years, making everything from full kitchens and media consoles to higher end designs like fireplaces and beams. I’m pretty new to the campervan industry but I love all the intricacies that go into making someone’s dream van come to life!



Hi, my name is Maddi. I am originally from Maryland but came to Colorado in search of a bigger adventure. I have always had a passion for getting to experience the outdoors. It is always a goal of mine to try to find uncharted places. Whether that be through backpacking, camping, or snowboarding. This is why working for Boulder Campervans was the perfect fit for me. I love getting the opportunity to help people feel more excited and confident when planning their explorations. I am here to support the planning and execution of these builds in a timely and smooth manner. Of course, keeping all these guys in check as well. The team we have is unmatched and will go above and beyond to make your build completely your own. Having the opportunity to learn from and grow with Boulder Campervans is such a blessing! I look forward to making great connections with our clients and the community of Boulder.



Hello, I'm Crystler. I proudly embrace the lifestyle of a full-time nomad, boasting over five years of immersive van living experience. Crafting each van I've inhabited has become a personal passion, and I find immense fulfillment in extending the invitation for others to share in this enriching way of life.

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What's up! My name is Clinton and I have been an electrician since I was a boy. I'm originally from Kentucky but moved to beautiful Colorado in 2014. I love chilling with my cat Midnight Fluffynutter, and anything on the water, so you can always catch me at the lake. I love the people I work with, everyday is fun and exciting!​

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