Custom Campervans

Custom campervans are our favorite thing to do! We like to innovate for our clients with new tech and also find ways to make your build unique. With every custom campervan we keep quality in mind no matter the budget we do not cut corners.

From the very first move we think about an enjoyable ownership experience through amazing craftsmanship. Entrust in us to complete your custom campervan build to get you started on your adventure! Have more questions check out our FAQ on custom campervan builds.

Phase 1:

When it comes to building custom campervans we like to keep in unique. We enjoy talking with our clients and understanding every little detail they are after in there camper van build after all this is custom! 

Phase 2:

After we understand your vision we will design in-house your custom 3d blueprints. In this process, we can refine placement, lighting, materials, fabrics and other details to your specifications.

Phase 3:

Let the building begin! The Average BCV custom campervan is around 4-6 months depending on your specifications. In this time we keep you updated with photos & videos to keep you in the loop on your build progress. Once complete you are ready to be release into the WILD! After training of course!

conversion van customizer

Coming Soon (Desktop only)

Step 1: Make all parts as small as you can then line them up on the left side.


Ready to take the next step in finding out more about building a custom campervan at BCV! Fill out the questions below to get started.

Choose your Campervan shell
Do you want Two-Wheel or Four-Wheel Drive
How many people would you want your campervan to accommodate? Sleeping & Seatbelts
Do you want a toliet in your campervan?
Do you want a shower in your campervan?
Want your campervan to be 4-seasons? Heat,AC,Insulated piping?
Timeframe of when you are ready to start your build?
Check off some-things that you would like.