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Owl pioneered rear door carrier for Sprinters but there was always a little something that bothered us...that was a good way to keep the doors open. Well we finally have the solution we have all be waiting for: the Stop-Stay Door Pistons. These patent pending door pistons open the doors smoothly and keep the door open on inclines or high winds. No more getting a door bumping into your back or having to hold it open on tilted terrain. 

Ease of Opening: Effortlessly open your Sprinter's rear doors. The gas struts provide a smooth, gliding motion, reducing physical strain.

Stay-Open Feature: Once opened, the doors securely stay in place, immune to wind or abrupt movements.

Enhanced Safety: Protect your cargo and passengers from unexpected door closures.
Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials for longevity and reliability.

Easy Installation: Hassle-free setup, designed to fit perfectly with your 2019+ Mercedes Sprinter.


  • Fits: VS30 Sprinter vans (2019-present)
  • Kit includes pistons for both doors
  • All brackets and mounting hardware is included
  • Color: Black


Owl Vans Stop/Stay Rear Door Struts

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